Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Autoharp, Mandolin, Banjo and Tenor Guitar Repairs.

Bridge Work / Minor Detail Work / Straighten Bowed Necks / Rewiring / Pickup Replacement.

Wear, use, and changing weather all effect the instrument. Regular maintenance, in the form of a setup will help to keep your instrument consistent. If it’s becoming uncomfortable to play, if intonation and action are off, and the strings are old, then it’s time for a setup.


The Guitar Setup Special

Dave’s most popular service, due to his individualized custom setups. 

Setup includes: string change, neck adjustment, string action height set per customer specifications, minor fret work, tightening of screws and nut, cleaning existing electronics, detailing guitar, body wax and buffing of finish removes minor imperfections, lemon oil neck if needed.

$55.00 + the cost of strings*

$75.00 for guitars with locking, floating tremolo systems.

* I highly encourage customers to bring their own new strings.

Maintenance tip: be sure to keep your instrument away from extreme cold and direct heat sources in the winter and in the summer. For acoustic instruments, it’s recommended to keep a vile style (like an Oasis model) humidifier in the case. This helps to prevent drying, warping and cracking of instruments.

Complimentary estimates are free of charge, available by appointment.

To set up an appointment for a repair, or complimentary estimate, kindly fill out our contact form to get in touch.

All The Best, Dave Fecca

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